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Efficiency Unleashed. Costs Slashed. Cloud Optimized.

Navigate through the complex cost maze of the cloud with confidence, uncovering substantial savings. Take control of your cloud costs like never before.

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Unlock the power of cloud cost optimization 

Our intelligent CostWhisperer, provides personalized recommendations and insights, while features like budget tracking, resource scheduling, and optimization ensure efficient cost management. With a proven track record of delivering month-on-month savings, CostDeMaze combines cutting-edge technology with deep FinOps expertise to help you navigate the complexities of cloud costs. Benefit from our platform's capabilities, access to a dedicated team of specialists, and the ability to track savings initiatives, ultimately empowering you to take control of your cloud costs, drive financial success, and unlock significant savings.

Harness the power of our intelligent, an advanced natural language interface that understands your cloud cost optimization needs and provides personalized recommendations and insights.

Track Savings 

Keep tabs on your savings initiatives and measure the impact with CostDeMaze. Our platform provides real-time tracking and reporting of cost-saving efforts, allowing you to demonstrate tangible results and drive continuous improvements.

Resource Scheduling & Optimization:

Effectively manage and optimize your cloud resources with CostDeMaze. Our platform enables you to schedule resources, rightsize instances, and automate cost-saving initiatives to maximize resource utilization and minimize unnecessary expenses.

Platform + Human Intelligence

Experience the power of combining cutting-edge technology with deep FinOps expertise. CostDeMaze offers a unique blend of a comprehensive platform and access to a dedicated team of cost optimization specialists, ensuring you receive the best of both worlds.

Why CostDeMaze?

Understand costs before you spend (Proactive)

Gain visibility to optimize and allocate costs (chargeback)

Be consistent and process-driven to operate and improve



  • Complete visibility at every level – application, environment or BU

  • Actionable cost control recommendations

  • Prioritized recommendations

  • Cost forecasting using AI

  • Custom algorithms to identify idle resources

CostDeMaze FinOps Team

  • Cloud FinOps Experts that understand your needs

  • Proactive & Process driven team to control cloud costs

  • Enforce policy and track updates daily

  • Help you take advantage of the OPEX cost model

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Are you Ready to take control of your cloud costs and unlock significant savings?

Request a personalized demo of CostDeMaze today to discover how our intelligent platform, supported by deep FinOps expertise, can empower you to take control of your cloud costs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to optimize spending, streamline operations, and unlock significant savings. Request your demo now!"

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