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From Overspending to Optimal Efficiency: A Cloud Cost Optimization Success Story

By utilizing CostDeMaze platform , customers gained cost visibility by business unit and application environments, enabling them to take targeted cost-saving actions based on the platform's recommendations. This resulted in impressive cost savings of 28% and facilitated the implementation of ongoing cost optimization initiatives throughout the organization.

Background & Challenge

The organisation rapidly scaled its infrastructure; it needed to make sure costs didn’t rapidly scale as well. Traditional approaches to cost management that rely on manual, reactive processes have become untenable as the company’s now modernised infrastructure dynamically scales up and down in response to changing demands. The customer needed a cost management solution that was as dynamic and proactive as its infrastructure.

The Solution

Customer subscribed to CostDeMaze Managed Billing and gained access to cost management portal. In the portal, customer was able to review its historical AWS performance and see recommendations for purchasing Reserved Instances (R1s), removing unused resources and rightsizing its instances. Customer was able to optimize the account and reduce its monthly AWS hosting fees by 28%.



  • Cloud Data Organization and Analysis

  • Monitoring and Optimizing Resource Utilization

  • Leveraged Cost-Saving Plans

  • Automating Shutdowns and Reducing Redundant Monitoring

  • Streamlining Log Retention and Optimizing S3 Usage

Power in Numbers

85k USD





Cloud Spend

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