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Optimizing Azure Cloud Costs for Healthcare Organizations: Maximizing ROI and Performance

Implementing CostDeMaze as a FinOps platform saved customers nearly 10% of their annualized Azure compute spend for their development and test environments while keeping the environment consistent and reliable.

Background & Challenge


Customer is an Indian biotechnology company established in 2004. It runs India's largest stem cell bank and has also diversified into diagnostics and tissue therapeutics. Customers rely on Microsoft Azure as their primary cloud service provider. Their HMIS application have one environment for development and testing and another for production. They faced challenges with overspending of their cloud infrastructure. Customer annual compute spend on their development, test, and production environments exceeded 300k USD.

But as the customer grew, senior management became more concerned about the increasing cloud costs and sought new ways to keep track of spending and resource requirements.


The Solution


The customer team implemented the CostDeMaze Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform to give them visibility into their Azure cost across the different aspects. With CostDeMaze, they were able to see high-level cost trends, explore why costs are changing, and drill into any cost to see the source of it. This helps them identify areas for optimization, without doing the investigation themselves.





  • Reduced overall spend by 10%,

  • Customer now has visibility into Azure spend by individual team, has successfully implemented cost accountability, and can now make informed decisions about future cloud budget allocation.

  • Helped tech teams understand how their decisions tie to cost, they were confidently delivering on their roadmaps

Power in Numbers

30k USD




300k USD

Cloud Spend

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